Heartbeat® was born in January 2015, developing a unique concept of textile jewelry, creating exclusive pieces, handmade, with originals designs, which respond to the commitment to create happiness, by casual and carefree fashion with fresh and elegant pieces, offering a wide range of possibilities for ladies with an imaginative, urban and cosmopolitan style.

At Heartbeat® we combine craftsmanship with excellent quality and fine finishes. We offer continuous renovation and guarantee unique and innovative handmade pieces.

Helping is what makes our heart beat, therefore with each piece of Heartbeat purchased, we donate to organizations focused on supporting children and older adults in need in Panama and Venezuela.


Our Founder

"I’m a Venezuelan living in Panama, I carry the Caribbean in my blood and in its landscapes and colors I’m inspired to create pieces that reflect joy.

I’m a mother of two boys, Gab a 7 years old and Charlie a 1 year old, I started Heartbeat®  being a single mother, when Gab was 1 year old, today I have a beautiful and very happy family with my children and husband, my days pass between them, Crossfit and Heartbeat.

Heartbeat® is the reflection of my passion for fabrics and fashion. I put my heart into each piece that I made with my own hands for you, choosing the best materials, the right colors and mixing textures with the only meaning to make your heart beat".

Mariel Robertson