Publicado por Mariel Romero

This is my story, the Heartbeat® story.

"Since I was little, I intervened my clothes, I put bows or flowers on my blouses, and I dreamed of being able to design and create different pieces, but I grew older and my life took a different direction from fashion, I study Social Communication with a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communications Management, I moved out of my native country, Venezuela, and I had my first child.

Migrating brought different challenges to my life, many changes, which included a new employment situation, difficult moments that led me to reinvent myself.

It was there when I decided to experiment with my passion, I decided to do what I liked, create and design. I started with the same thing I did as a child, the first Heartbeat collection, they were only intervened blouses with bows, flowers, hearts and hanging pieces that simulated necklaces.

That collection was received with great affection and motivated and impelled me to continue. In each event that our clients attended, they left us their comments, always comforting and inspiring, they were the ones who asked us to make the pieces that hung as necklaces from the blouses, only necklaces.

This is how our first collection of necklaces was born and with it a variety of models, lines and designs, always maintaining our concept of exclusivity and unique pieces.

Today we have more than 10 lines of necklaces, we design bracelets, blouses, dresses and we continue to create and grow. As Heartbeat® grows, my family has grown, and the passion and love for what we do are reflected in each of our pieces".

Mariel Robertson