Publicado por Mariel Romero


Our passion is fabrics, and we create art with it, art that you can take with you every day and on all occasions, and that will undoubtedly make you look authentic and fell the joy!

We present you our necklaces, each one designed to make you feel spectacular and always fashionable, with a unique touch like you, since we do not repeat designs:

  • Knot: Our iconic Knots are full of mix and color, they are knot necklaces with fabrics, abundant, mostly long and eye-catching.
  • Print: They are smooth pieces whose appeal is the print of the fabric, we have prints, stripes, dots, mixed and in one color.
  • Brightness: It is our line full of shine, elegance and sophistication. They are pieces woven by hand and smooth with thread.
  • Mommy and me: It is our sweet line, designed so that mother and daughter look the same, we offer them options in Knot and Print.
  • Choker: Smooth chokers with more than 2 positions, with Zamak charms with gold bath, religious, animal, good energy and more.
  • Rope: Long and short single strap knot pieces with gold-plated Zamak charms, religious, animal, good energy and more.
  • Luxury Knot: Our iconic Knots become luxury, they are fabric knot necklaces with different Zamak charms with gold bath, this line adds exclusivity to our already exclusive pieces.
  • Scarf Necklace: They are elegant, striking and abundant pieces, but incredibly light, made of wool.
  • Hug: Our latest collection, they are pieces that hug you with style, an extraordinary dose of color and the perfect key to any Outfit.
  • Knot Linx: Also part of our latest collection, in them the acclaimed Knots come with chains, giving a new jolt of energy to your looks.
  • Multifunctional Print: It is our most versatile Print piece, you have more than 5 ways to use it, even as a headband.

Visit our necklaces section to see all the pieces that we have in stock for you!